Evil empire Chopper : Jaguh Custom Chopper

This chopper belong to my friend Fayzal a.k.a Chopper rasta,he named his Chopper as Evil Empire Chopper,i donno why,maybe just name it ..sound like brutal Machine.Anyway,this chopper is home made choppere,and the original body and the engine is From Modenas jaguh 175 cc (a.k.a Kawasaki Boss 175 )

All part of this jaguh Motorcycle has been customised,chopped and modified into something different from the original Jaguh itself.It took more than a year to make this jaguh become a chopper like this,and to this date,couple of modification also have been made to modified this machine into a customised machine.



Anonymous said...

ey man, nice bike... but don't the rider kena mud from the rear wheel when it rains?

Anyway, I want a seat like that. Pls tell me where to get it.. add me on msn or send an email to me at hex_marlboro@hotmail.com

soo beng said...

That is a very veyr ver nice bike man. Briliantly made. It's amazing how you transformed a small bike to your current evil empire.

amanwadi said...

Nice bike man.

Is it for sale?

Kindly call 016-3322678 or amanwadi@yahoo.co.sg if it is.

Zaymes said...

nice bike =D

isn't that bintulu's plate number?

SilKhan@zz said...

Wow.. Damn nice man, bro, aku ane kan membali chopper bah.. atau if possible custom made lah, if you have any idea or advice and i certainly think u have,heh heh heh.. pls e-mail me ASAP k.. lyn_menaramas@hotmail.com

DGiantS Gun 4 Hired said...

Hex elPablo! why your sound like someone that got a bone on his ass? hehe anyway man nice bike u got there. kinda skinny if you were a fatso..

autocity said...

Hi,your bike is awsome...Just wondering are u interested in attending our Auto-City Carnival tentatively on 4th to 6th June. It is an Auto Showcase. We will be having Classic Bike Beauty Contest and Scooter Beauty Contest. Besides we will also be having GT Care Look Alike Contest, Modified Compact Car Contest, Beetle & Mini Car Contest.Hope you are interested...Kindly call 017-5231688 for more detail.

Azman said...

Hi All

Im Selling off my bike Yamaha Dragstar converted to Harley Davidson Fatboy. If you got any cantau..do let me know...i can be contacted at 0194570154.
Location Penang or Kedah


mikaljains said...

Congratulations! This is the best thing, Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.