Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Old man with Old bike

i've blog about kapchai before in my previous blog,yea kapchai is regular bike in malaysia and othersouth east asia region which including singapore,indonesia,philipine,indo china countries and also in india(thats not south east asia) actually kapchai came from local slang..(cub chai)i'm very sure that in vietnam the people there not calling this type of bike as kapchai maybe they have their own description.

In philipina,they just call kapchai as underbone,yea bike with small scale of cc..its better be called as underbone..for this pics i got it from somebody flckr..sorry uncle aa..i just looking in internet for kapchai pics and i found this uncle with his grandchildren..i like this pics,the old man with his old bike ..that bike i'm sure is honda kapchai 70 cc which is now os considered aa antique bike..

ive been in few autoshow in kuching and miri and i've seen the transformation of this old kapchai honda 70 into custom machine,i'll try to locate the pics and post it later in my blog..

last but not least hehe,sorry uncle for put your pic here without yur consent..


Accident::avoid it.

hi guys and girls,i got this gruesome pics sent by friend through email..its so gruesome that maybe some of you dont wanna look it,but it just for our precautions ,ride safe and remember your loved ones ergghhh
this pics so gruesome and make me dont wanna look it again for 2nd time but i just keep it for my own reminder..when speeding or riding..ecspecially in wet condition,remember to be more extra careful and always cautions to our surrounding area.

from the pictures,i found that this guys riding without any safety at all,no helmet no jacket and no safety at all,even the mini bike he's riding is not suitable for main road,its maybe suitable only for house backyard and offroad and not suitable for speed..

perghh....avoid accident and always use extra safety when riding


Friday, October 10, 2008

Full Gear and Fool's Gear

i found this pics from u.s website,this situation happened everywhere and anywhere.some people/riders neglecting their safety by not using safety cloth when riding,i have a friend died in accident few years ago,on that particular time he's waiting for spm result and on the way to buy cucur pisang just nearby his house,about 200 m,so he doesnt use helmet.

accident do happened anytime and we dont know when it come.Ad malay proverb says"Malang tidak Berbau''..mm if directly translated..accident come without warning..so my friend died on the spot with major head injury..pity him..

so dont take any granted for our own and our friends safety.....


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