Friday, June 11, 2010

The American Moped

The vibrant moped community in Brooklyn is centered on a little shop called the Orphanage in Greenpoint. The group support the little collection of bikes rescued from obscurity and repairs them to sputtering, though working, order. The mopeds often top out at 30 miles per hour and the little two-stroke engines pollute more than their larger counterparts, but more and more people are falling in love with these forgotten machines. This subculture, like much of the so-called hipster culture, thrives on the use of outdated technology like typewriters or NES consoles, though the moped community boasts a strong online forum. Beyond the Orphan gang of Brooklyn, there are moped “gangs” in most major US cities, including the Creatures of the Loin in San Francisco, the Puddle Cutter of Portland and Hell Satans in Richmond.


The Sultan Of Bikers

Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Ismail ibni Sultan Mahmud Iskandar is truely can be call as Sultan of Bikers(King Of Bikers), he is one of a kind bikers,the royalty who use bike every year to view his state.His late father also a bikers.His highness Harley is unique,airbrush with tiger image.


Underbone drag race

Kapchai(underbone drag bikes) malaysian scenes.most of the original and heavy part put away to minimize the weight and make the drag machines move faster and smoother.The yellow bikes is RXZ yamaha.
This one look more like bicycle to me hehehe


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Miri city Bike week 17

custom sarawak scooter in Miri City Bike week


Miri Cuty Bike Week 16




custom vulcan chopper from sue QCB (Quelap Custom Bikes Brunei)


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