Friday, March 25, 2011

Chopper not only For Big Engine

When talk about chopper,we think about the engine..v twin or inline.But chopper is more than that.other engine also can fit and transform into chopper.It's not about the power,but the style and the extreme art of making it.Guess,do you know what engine fit in for this chopper??


Malaysian Bicycle Chopper

A custom Bicycle Chopper from malaysia.(Customized from Chikos Vatos Chopper) : A photo credit to Digital Mukmin..thanks..


Malaysian Kapcai Riders

Riding with Kapchai in Malaysia. (Kapchai is under bone colloqial word in Malaysia)


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Miri City Bike Week 2011

The second edition of Miri City Bike Week,organised by Creative and Sound Stage Event Miri.The event will be held on 13th,14th and 15th May 2011 and Tanjong Bay,Miri sarawak.Lot of event will be organised and bikers from Borneo,Semenanjung Malaysia,Singapore even from Indonesia and thailand will attend this event.

Any Inquiry do contact this number :
0128059697 Faizal
0168752693 Ateh
0168884708 Uzair


What do you call this handle bar?

There is ape hanger,gimp hanger and various type of handle bar for easyrider and chopper.this handle bar really different from others and there is no classification for it..maybe we can name it artistic ape hanger ..hahaha



This is what we can say Evolution,not from a stock bike into chopper but from bicycle to Chopper..and very fast evolution..hahaha.. ( Picture from Lee Arifin : Taken at Brunei Bike Week 2011 )


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