Bikers Spirit

Hi there,this is my first posting ever in my Motorcycle Blog.Firstly i'm sorry if my English is not so good,as long as you can understand what am i try to say.its ok..English is not my mother tongue.Malay language is my mother tounge.but consider that maybe my Blog will be read not only in malaysia,indonesia or in malay blog maybe read by you from japan,america,iraq,papua new guinea and other places in this world.

we have something in common,the bikers spirit,bikers brotherhood or maybe some might says sisterhood.i and you maybe a motorcycle enthuasiasts,in any way we share something in common.This blog dedicated to myself as bikers and all my bikers friend,and all other bikers from other parts of the world.This is my bikers world i like to share with all of you out there.

So much places to go ,so little time.

and guys/girls..maybe sometime i will posting in Malay language and i'm so sorry if u cant understand it but i try my best to use English as medium for my own blog..adios chicanos..

thats for now..
this is not me but i like the type of handle of this man use...ape hanger rules ....


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