Cub..,kapchai and Motorcycle..whats the link?

Ever think of why in Malaysia the underbone bikes are call kapchai or in other word cub.As the real meaning of cub is The young of certain carnivorous animals, such as the bear, wolf, or lion. A youth, especially one who is inexperienced, awkward, or ill-mannered.

Its all start with Honda Cub,The Honda Cub debuted in 1958, 10 years after the establishment of Honda Motor Co. Ltd. The name 'Cub' was said to be the acronym of Cheap Urban Biketransportation in busy cities. The name also likely refers to the earlier Piper Cub, an affordable and extremely popular light aircraft from the 1930s possessing many of the same mechanical qualities of the Honda bike (note that improved versions of the Piper Cub were also called Super Cubs, with spacing in between the words).
because the development of this model was aimed to provide a kind of cheap urban
The word "kapcai" or "kapchai" is originally a slang derived from Malaysian Cantonese and Hokkien, its origin is from the word Honda Cub. In Cantonese "Cai" means "little" or "Son". Therefore,"Kapcai" literally means a "Small Cub". Honda is a popular brand in Malaysia and as a result of this, all underbone motorbikes were called "kapchai".


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