The Kapchai Chronicles

Kapchai is become a subculture in Malaysian Culture,as i stated in earlier blog..kapcai term came from the term CUB and started when honda cub came to malaysian market..a decade and decade after that..a lot of choices to motorcycles CUB beside Honda Cub 70cc..

as far as i know ,only south east asia is the region where the user CUB or Kapchai is mostly populated.In the Malaysia alone,majority of bikers are using kapchai,compare to big bike which is some of it considered as expensive bike,furthermore the maintenance is higher compare to kapchai.

The kapchai subculture then bring the Cub Prix which is racing for Cub,in Malaysia the cub prix organised by Sports Minister along with Petronas (a house hold name for multinational petroleum Company).There is also Cub Prix for asian(south east asian cup)


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