Types of helmet

Helmet Appearance
Motorcycle helmets manifest themselves in hundreds of forms, from decal-clad to fitted with worn leather. Whether a leather motorcycle helmet or a graphic motorcycle helmet, remember the more complex, the more they generally cost. If a motorcycle helmet dealer offers you a model with intricate graphics at a high price, ask about a solid color--this will decrease costs considerably.
Before choosing traditional solid black, however, consider a bright color. Brightly colored helmets such as a pink motorcycle helmet, orange motorcycle helmet or purple motorcycle helmet not only look fantastic but alert other riders of your presence on the road. Safely stand out in bold colored helmets or try matching your bike's paint. Most motorcycle helmet manufacturers offer a helmet line that fits various models.
A custom motorcycle helmet is also a fun option. Shells such as a chrome motorcycle helmet or carbon fiber motorcycle helmet can be airbrushed to perfectly suit your motorcyclist panache.

Custom Motorcycle Helmets
A custom motorcycle helmet is a great way to show off your personal motorcyclist's style. If you're an old school rider, why not purchase or commission a vintage motorcycle helmet to be made? Alternatively, faddish novelty motorcycle helmets are becoming popular.
Consider a decal motorcycle helmet with your favorite symbol, a motorcycle helmet sticker of a pithy proverb or a graphic motorcycle helmet with your astrological sign.
A cool motorcycle helmet can also come in the form of an airbrushed motorcycle helmet--choose subtle hues or wild expressions. There's no limit to the possibilities of an airbrush motorcycle helmet. Design a motorcycle helmet the color of an angry sunset or a pre-storm cloud.
Custom painted motorcycle helmets individualize you. Set yourself apart from the pack today!

Motorcycle Accessories
Motorcycle helmet manufacturers often market special features that pertain to pleasure, comfort and safety. Riders frequently enjoy a motorcycle helmet radio, for example, particularly for long distances.
A motorcycle helmet accessory that is used for security when riders dismount is the motorcycle helmet lock, great for fastening a helmet to handlebars, engine guards, etc.
Special motorcycle features that provide protection include the motorcycle helmet visor, the motorcycle helmet shield and the motorcycle helmet face shield, three motorcycle helmet accessories that block sun, wind and road detritus from damaging facial skin and eyes.

Helmet Size
The size and shape of your motorcycle helmet depends upon how much coverage and convenience you plan to enjoy. While a full face motorcycle helmet provides the most protection, it may lack in comfort. While a half motorcycle helmet allows for air and visibility, it leaves the chin vulnerable. An open face motorcycle helmet covers the skull but leaves eyes exposed to wind and dirt damage (if without an attachable visor or goggles).
Evidently, each size and shape of helmet, from a full face motorcycle helmet to a shorty motorcycle helmet to a child motorcycle helmet exhibits pros and cons.
Before settling on any one size or shape, try on a series of motorcycle helmets to ensure motorcycle helmet safety.

Full Face Helmet
A full face motorcycle helmet covers the whole head. A rear extension of the full face helmet covers the base of the skull while a front portion protects the chin. A plastic face shield (clear or tinted) resting over the cutout eyes and nose section allows access to the face if pushed up.
While many of these helmets provide airflow vents, critics complain of heat, poor airflow, claustrophobic sensation and reduced hearing. Despite these sensory drawbacks, a full face motorcycle helmet boasts a high rate of protection, hence is more popular than a 3/4 motorcycle helmet (known also as an open face helmet) or a half motorcycle helmet among persons greatly preoccupied with motorcycle helmet safety

3/4 Helmet
Like the full face motorcycle helmet, the 3/4 motorcycle helmet (also known as open face motorcycle helmet) covers the back of the skull, but rids itself of the lower chin armor and the face shield, thus allowing for increased airflow, hearing and peripheral vision.
Some open face helmets are equipped with visors of various lengths and tints that block out sunlight and headlights. As insects, debris, dust or wind contact with facial skin, eyes and nose can cause the rider distress or bring about injury, riders may use wrap-around sunglasses or goggles as an additional means of protection.
A 3/4 motorcycle helmet is as effective in rear protection as a full face motorcycle helmet, but is deficient in face coverage during a crash or otherwise.

Half Helmet
With virtually the same front design as a 3/4 motorcycle helmet but with a cropped rear portion, the half motorcycle helmet provides the minimum coverage typically allowed by motorcycle helmet law in most states
Akin to the open face motorcycle helmet, the half motorcycle helmet's eye protection is often increased through the use of goggles or sunglasses.
When purchasing a half helmet (shorty motorcycle helmet), be sure to check whether it meets standards for motorcycle helmet safety.

Women's Helmet
What could be more motorcyclist-chic that a polished and shimmering pink motorcycle helmet? A women's motorcycle helmet allows a woman to embrace and flaunt her femininity in a world traditionally dominated by men.
A lady motorcycle helmet merges hard and soft elements into one fabulous image. Equipped with a stylish woman motorcycle helmet (perhaps a purple motorcycle helmet, an orange motorcycle helmet or a decal girl motorcycle helmet), the biker chic is ready to burn some rubber with her own personal flair.
Check out a personalized woman motorcycle helmet from various motorcycle helmet dealers and complete the paradoxical look of tough elegance.

Child Helmet
It is particularly important to heed motorcycle safety when it comes to your child. Invest in a youth motorcycle helmet that provides good coverage and excellent retention.
Motorcycle helmet safety for children also involves proper fit and sizing. Visit a motorcycle helmet dealer to have an expert find a kid motorcycle helmet that is perfectly shaped to your child's head.
Before buying a child motorcycle helmet, read up on motorcycle helmet laws according to your state. Check out our "Motorcycle Helmet Law" section and our "Safety Features" section to ensure that your child is permitted and equipped to ride safely.

Helmet Cost
A motorcycle helmet that fits the best on your head, feels the best and boasts the most motorcycle convenience features is likely to cost more than those that do not provide adequate comfort, convenience and motorcycle helmet safety.
If a helmet that fits and looks the best on you is out of your price range, there are a few factors that help to lower the price. Heed the note above the price of graphics. Bikes with less elaborate graphics and less venting are a good deal more affordable.
You may opt to order a motorcycle helmet by mail from a motorcycle helmet manufacturer rather than though your dealer. Although if the dealership has paid to stock the helmet and the dealer has spent time helping you chose a helmet, you may decide to stick with the dealership and buy a motorcycle helmet on the spot. If the cost is above your budget, ask about negotiations. The motorcycle helmet dealer might be willing to tweak the price so you are a left with the best motorcycle helmet and a discount motorcycle helmet to boot.

Discount Helmet
To find the best motorcycle helmet available that is affordable, visit a motorcycle helmet manufacturer online, your local motorcycle helmet dealer or a used motorcycle helmet store. These venues often offer discount motorcycle helmets, cheap motorcycle helmets or often a seasonal motorcycle helmet sale.
It is not worth the bargain, if the bargain involves your life as well as your wallet. A truly reliable motorcycle manufacturer will offer deals while still considering motorcycle helmet safety.


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