Nolan N-Com Helmet Audio Systems

Hey everyone. My shop just got in the Nolan N-Com line, and I wanted to share the availability with you guys. I was interested in a kit for myself, and wasn't able to find them online or locally before we picked the line up.I'll also try to serve as a resource for anyone who might have questions about the kit.For those who aren't familiar, the N-Com system is a proprietary system developed by Nolan to provide audio and communications into their new line of helmets without the need of any external devices. This system is ONLY designed to work with current generation Nolan helmets with the N-Com port in the left jaw area.Basic InfoThe Nolan N-COM family consists of five components. Basic kitThis is the standard equipment with the N-Com system, and is easy to install on the inside of your Nolan N-102 N-Com ready helmet. This is necessary to start ANY N-Com setup. Bluetooth BoxThe Bluetooth Box allows both helmet-to-helmet communication with another in range bluetooth equipped Nolan (designed for rider/passenger communication), as well as connectivity with most bluetooth mobile phones, or the Tom-Tom Rider GPS system. Intercom BoxThe Intercom Box allows wired communication between rider and passenger when installed in the rider's helmet.Mobile WireThe Mobile Wire can be used to connect your cell phone to the basic kit without use of the bluetooth box. Please specify phone type when ordering. Multimedia WireThis cable allows you to connect an external audio source to your N-Com system.

Source : Motorsport USA



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