1 year of my Kakimoto Blog

Its very coincident,i just create my nuffnang account and want to check how long i have blogging in my own kakimotodotcom blog..I create my first post on 20 august 2007 which exactly 1 year ago..so its my first anniversary in blogging in my kakimotodotcom..hehhe and it will be one year anniversary in coming 11 september for the KMDC forum which i create as kakimotodotcom forum..things changed..everything must change,you cannot be a static as statue or something that not moved..if not many or big changes,there must be a small or petty changes..

eralier day of my blogging,i thinking what content shall i blog? about motorcycles but there is so many blog abut bikes..so i just blog about bike but i confess most of my blog content are

1. 70 % copy and paste

2. Photo blog without any discription..

though,untill today there is about 12k visitors did visit my blog,compare to my other blog which is sarawakdotcom manage only get 5 k visitors until today..that blog i create a few months earlier..so its ok and i think i want to put some human side in my blog not only copy and paste ,maybe i blog about other things related to me and everydaylife,i have also other blogs..mmm maybe abot 6 or 7 blog and its almost about anything,one blog for one topic..maybe i just compile the blog and make it just 2..this blog and my sarawakdotcom..

but i'm really sorry if my english is not good enough,as long you readers understand what i blogging about heheh

this is me..few years back...location ..between bekenu and miri(Miri county located north of sarawak Malaysia and nearby tio Brunei Darussalam)


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