Customs Honda C 70

Pictures can described it all.a classic honda C70 transformed into classic custom cub,chromed,single seat,hard tail cover(like choppers) and you can make the comment yourself.My father used to have this cub and some time he used it to go to mosque or just for buy fish and vegetable in morning(he got other bikes) so when i work in miri,i've seen some custom works to this c 70 so i have in mind that maybe i'll transformed my father's C 70 cub into cuctom machine.Sadly when i return home,my father sold the C 70 ...reason that nobody in the house use it so he decided to sold what to do..



Pasifik said...

OMG that is sooooo cooool! It is sad to know that your father sold this unique Honda C70!

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faROCK said...

bah tukar link kita

cinta dan seni said...

mantap...,ya tu motor