The Sarawak Vespa

i found this vespa pics while i wilfing for sarawak pics in flickr,i dont know who is the owner of this vespa but the registration number is Kuching area(old registration number).Recent years i found that many youngsters like to ride a vespa.maybe the assemble of vespa is like scooters but vespa is more tough and also can be customised.few years back i have friend from skinhead group.almost all of them ride a vespa. all of their vespa painted in black and stripe with red colours.Maybe its their group pattern.

Its cool when watching them riding in group and their vespa have the same pattern(only the differences is some of them put a sticker on their vespa).In Kuching there is one worshop specialised in handling vespa.The location is just nearby to wisma Pelita Building and Opposite to Fata Hotel and next to Ting and Ting supermarket(old supermarket).Here you can send your vespa for renovation or you can buy spare part or custom items such as lamp,seat and misc for your vespa.Some other item also can be put into easyrider bikes.


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