Kuala Lumpur Bike weeek 2008

Finally the Bike week i've waiting for,actually i never been to a bike week before considered i'm staying in Borneo island and until now there is only on bike congregation that so called as BIBBF(Borneo Island Big Bike Fest) which is not considered as bike week as the congregation only meant for whom has big bike(mm what the Big Bike actually mean:Big body or big Hp or Big CC) heheh

and last year there is also HOG (harley Owner Group) congregation at Kota Kinabalu sabah,and this one also for HOG owners and there is also other big bikers attend there,but thats is also cannot be classified as bike week as it can be call as bikers gathering wiyhout any other things related to bike and bikers itself. mm stop mumbling for now,i'll talk about that one later,this time i just want to share about this event that i attend last december..To the best of my knowledge the Kuala Lumpur Bike week 2008(KLBW) is the first Big Bike event ever made here in KL(considered other bike event before is not a bike week,maybe bike gathering or bikers supporting other events) and also the events is also considered as the best now in Malaysia according to some bikers i known there,as before this KLBW,there is only Eagles Ranch Bike Fest which before organised by Violent Storm MG but then Eagles Ranch management itself organised it.(and then some bikers saying that the event less attractive compare before which organised by Violent storm) as the bikers event should be organised and arranged by bikers themself not other corporat or ministers body ...ehmm we talk about this one later lah..lets talk about Kuala Lumpur Bike week 2008 at Matic
This is chopperasta,my friend and bikers too,came along fromMIRI Sarawak for this event,he did chopped a few bike and now still ongoing with his project,earlier in this blog few months ago i did post his bike ..the Jaguh Chopper,now he doing some Honda CB chopper and experimenting others..we took this photo during the second day of the event,under the bukit nanas monorail station and nearby to Hard rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur.

Yamah virago 535 chopper,among all bikes that day i found this bike is most extreme and most terrorist among the terrorist,i think osama laden should ride this bike,make him look so mean and brutal..hohoho sorry osama i related your name to this bike hehe..

anyway this bike according to atan was chopped by SANYU motor which was one of the bike customiser in Klang Valley then,but now i heard they're going bancrupt and business are slow and maybe gone with the wind hehe..this bike concept is more to old school chopper which i can refer to 1970's chopper and we can see it through american chopper series from astro discovery channel where Paul senior bike almost like this one..

Bikers from Braders Motorcycle Club.

Classic bike from the past but still running though...

thats me standing beside Honda CB Chopper,you can identified it as honda CB when just looking at the inline engine..i'll show you the rest of this Honda CB later..

another old school Yamaha virago 535 old school chopper
and the view from another angle..

Chopperasta with dreadlock hair wearing Red garage Malaysia T shirt while standing beside him is Lai wearing Heavens Custom Thailand..

Lai is from Miri,he own several bikes including one superbike,one Honda Goldwing ,and before that he own to Suzuki intruder 1400.he's a member of Victoria Arms Big Bikers Club, a well known big bikers club in Sarawak and borneo

this is me of course,wearing Headhunters MC t shirt,i'm not the member of Headhunters MC (HH) i just bought the t shirt on the first day of the event,eventually the t shirt is big size so i bought it...hehhe


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