Kuala Lumpur Bike week 2008 2

This is the second day event where motorcycle competition were held,there is several categories for this event,best japanese cusom,best american custom,best local custom,best baggers,best classic bikes emm what else maybe just that..but according to my fellow bikers friend which already attended several others bike weeks.the category for the best local,japanese,american (custom bikes) is totally wrong and maybe on the next event the organizer shouldnt give the category like that..You know why?

is that because when we refer to custom bike..we know that the body chasis of the bike is customs..its modified from the stock bike body transformed to custom bikes.The engine is the second things weither the engine american,italian,japanese,myanmarese,bangladesh or whatsoever its doesnt count.Custom bike is a custom bike huhu..chopper is chopper..(unless in america they categorised it as chopper and metric chopper)
This is babes inc.the asher girl..this girls involved in charity wash..so guys who want their machine wash by these girls,sent your bikes here and they will wash it..and the money donated to welfare home...wahh sweet girls ..perghhh...
I dont know where this guys came or belong to which group..but just look at the chain..crome and dangerous heheh and below here...another view of the washers gals...

This yellow machine is Jaguh Custom apehanger belongs to member of REAPER MG of choppersgarage community.And if i'm not wrong the other bikes assembled near to this yellow machine also belong to REAPER MG members..
Almost all of REAPER MG member already customised their machine,started from orinal stock bike jaguh ,they customised it with style.Some ofthe members have upgraded to bigger cc and hp machine but the trademark is all of them are easyriders guys with motto chopper for life heheh. Just look at this yellow machie,the seat,tank,handle and the mudguard is totally different from the original Jaguh bikes
This 2 bikes is from Batu Pahat Hawk..well known Jaguh bikers group from south of Malaya.Few years ago their appearance almost everymonth in Kapchai magazine(kapchai is local magazine promoting underbonne bikes but sometimes also commenting about chopper etc)

Other bikes that involved in the competition..just look at this bike sissy bar..devil tails..

Skull bike..airbrush with brutal skull...


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