Batman: The Dark Knight Motorcycle Gear for the Everyman

Love Batman? I mean, REALLY love batman? Love Batman enough that you dress up like him even when it’s not Halloween?

Hey, me too! Now you can look like Batman even while riding your motorcycle and be fully protected from the elements (and maybe falls).

It was going to happen sooner or later. With Batman’s latest movie, The Dark Knight, featuring Batman on his Bat-cycle (or “Batpod”), you knew there had to be some motorcycle-batman crossover paraphernalia. Actually I’m quite shocked this wasn’t out sooner.

Universal Designs are making officially licensed Batman: The Dark Knight motorcycle jackets, pants, gloves and boots that replicate what Bruce Wayne wore while chasing down that pesky Joker. And it looks to be the real deal, with removable CE approved armor in the jacket and pants so it’s not just some fancy costume!

There’s no indication of price or when these products will actually come out. hahaha

Check out the rest of the post for features and a pic of the whole outfit. I’m not sure about those wrist-blade thingys. Seems like they would poke an eye out!

Batman: The Dark Knight Motorcycle Gear Features:

- Strong Cordura Mesh Base with Heavy-duty 4 way stretch Spandex inserts.
- Removable CE Approved Body Armor in both Jacket and Pants
- Highly detailed, removable lightweight interior lining.
- Form Molded Leather and Kevlar Armor Sectons.
- Made from Quality Tanned Cow Hides



andrew said...

It's still too long, especially for a comic-book movie. But with Ledger's last performance director Nolan was blessed with the gift of light.

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Jeff Smith said...

nice one
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