RXZ drag Machines

A big Credit to RXZ Bozz..

This custom Drag machine came from stock RXZ,after it chopped and disassembled for drag purposes,the shape of RXZ still can be recognized.RXZ model have been used in Malaysia since 80's and evolve into several changing to gear ratio,exhaust and recent years there is a new model introduce after more than 10 years without new model.
This red and black drag RXZ machines came from Sourabaya Indonesia with 135 cc engine power.Similar in Malaysia,RXZ also used by teenage here but recent years the popularity of this RXZ down after the introducing of Yamaha LC.
In malaysian action movies ( the illegal racing lifestyle movie) such as KL Menjerit and others,most of the illegal racers using RXZ,and it reflect on the real life where this illegal racer or in Malaysia known as "Mat Rempit" using RXZ for racing.


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