This Motorcycle Runs on Poop and Talks to You

When is number two really number one? When it fuels a custom motorcycle.

I don’t think you’ll be seeing this on American Chopper anytime soon, but perhaps it’s time for a new breed of bikes. Such as a talking poopcycle.

Leave it to the Japanese to create a motorbike fueled by feces. And if that wasn’t enough, it also talks and can write messages in the air. Japan’s largest toilet manufacturer, TOTO, is the force behind the world’s first poop powered motorcycle, the Toilet Bike Neo.

This far out invention features a talking toilet for the seat, which also doubles as a potential fueling point for the bike, bringing new meaning to the phrase “Fill ‘er up.” As of now, the biogas which propels the motorcycle doesn’t actually come from the driver’s waste, but is instead supplied by biogas fuel from Shika-oi and Kobe city.

The Toilet Bike Neo is part of an environmental initiative, the TOTO Green Challenge, which highlights the company’s goal of achieving 50% reductions in CO2 emissions in bathrooms by 2017. The Toilet Bike Neo is currently on a 600 mile tour of Japan, from Kyushu to Tokyo, to promote the challenge

Article from dsc discovery


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