Miri Bikers Club

Miri Bikers Club (Shorten as MBC) is my first ever Motorcycle Club i join,and established by me and other friends.Back in 2002,the idea of establishing the club was given by M,one of senior member of our Motorcycle group.

on that time,there only about 20 of us and we had a meeting and we did established kelab Motorsikal Jaguh Miri( Miri Jaguh Motorcycle Club or Miri Jaguh Bikers Club) as on that particular time,all of us only riding jaguh Motorcycle ( i'll explain this later).. but on later time there are many types of Motorcycle want to join us including cupchai, scooter ,big bikes etc etc.. so we did change the name of the Club to Miri Bikers Club,as until today the majority of club member are jaguh riders.

during 5 years time ,the club had involved in many type of activities and tour to other part of places as far 1000 km over...

First of all ,do u know where Miri is?? Miri located at north of sarawak Region , East malaysia.The city just border with Brunei,oil rich country. Sarawak is one of state in Malaysia and sarawak is in Borneo Island.So we're the Islanders Bikers.


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