Custom Jaguh motorcycle/ Jaguh Chopper

One of Modenas Product is Modenas jaguh,the motorcycle is only one of easyrider type of it family beside the cub and scooters.All over Malaysia there's a lot of Jaguh Bikers Club,part of them also have been customised by their owner.

this bike owner nickname is Pako from SACC (Shah Alam County Chopper) Shah alam is state capital of Selangor.



mode de la shadow said...

sexy looking machine there. for a personal touch it wud b great if it have a bigger headlamp and a straight drag handle bar.
but its still a sexy looking machine.
i like... i like...


soo beng said...

Very nice bike man. You made it. You said that there are many Jaguh club in malaysia. I am in Penang. Is there a club in Penang that i can join ?

I ahve a Jaguh too and i think it's a great bike. JUST, people like to steal the carburator.

Neo said...

SACC?? how can i contact the club members?i have a jaguh,and really like to share more info about it,the maintenance and services,some modification..please do reply :) im from Shah Alam too!

Syed said...

My caburator was also stolen and a replacement cost me RM 630.00