My own birthday and my Blog Revolution

Hehehe was yesterday,i'm turning 31..wah times change so fast and i'm now already 31...not so young and maybe notold enough but as my friend says.its only number..your birthday pass by and the things that change only the number.The important things is that our spirit is still energetic and young to furfill the dream..yeaghh..

Its been a while i did not update this blog and other blogs maybe i got busy a bit and when i'm online i only manage to update my forum .its not easy to become Administrator in the forum ,you must check and manage all things from A-z..its like the loandlord,he must managed all things forum now also turn to 1 year(since 11.september.2007) and have a few hundred members,most of them active.As the language use in the forum is 95% malay and rest is english,i manage to post some pictures related to activities post by member i the KMDC to my pictures can show everything..

And commenting about my other blogs,i think i want to merge my other blogs into one or just 2 blogs,maybe all the other contents from my other blogs can be post here also in this blog..I've read other bikers blogs and most of them also posting other things related to their life in their blog.Bikers are human too heheh...

and about the language here,mi admit my English is not so ggod but as long as you understand..its ok hee


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