Accident::avoid it.

hi guys and girls,i got this gruesome pics sent by friend through email..its so gruesome that maybe some of you dont wanna look it,but it just for our precautions ,ride safe and remember your loved ones ergghhh
this pics so gruesome and make me dont wanna look it again for 2nd time but i just keep it for my own reminder..when speeding or riding..ecspecially in wet condition,remember to be more extra careful and always cautions to our surrounding area.

from the pictures,i found that this guys riding without any safety at all,no helmet no jacket and no safety at all,even the mini bike he's riding is not suitable for main road,its maybe suitable only for house backyard and offroad and not suitable for speed..

perghh....avoid accident and always use extra safety when riding


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jane said...

Did that guy die????