Burappa Bike Week 2009

Burappa Bike Week is among several a well known bike week a.k.a bike fest in Thailand and in this region, all type of bikes are welcomed and most of all everybody who love bikes are most welcomed.
The bikes here all killing e ecspecially the choppers,thailand made chopper for me are the best and the brutallest(english and malay hehe) among all choppers in our region,compare to malaysia,we also do have chopper builder like attanaz of locklaq ,but in Malaysia,the law prohibited outlaw custom machine to be in the road and only certain customisation can make it on the road,so attan maybe our time will come and custom outlaw style choppers will rule the road.hahaha( for this i must be jump into politic and become minister of transportation)
I'll blog about the scene of custom bike in malaysia later,but now i'm only promoting the Burappa bike week in Thailand next year (13-14th February 2009)


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