kuala lumpur Bike week 2008 5

me with pako of REAPER MG and chopersgarage

Chopperasta turn catching artist pose with pako heheh
Saiful now joining choppersgarage,before that he was in Kuching with clunz cluz bikers..

mini concert durin the night, idont know the name of this band,the sound just like BAU or sort like that..

awie with his bike..

this is the time when bikers club change souvenirs with Red Garage which is the organiser of the event

sometime when there is nothing to do,people will doing some crazy things,this is the time when this guys start burning his tyres.. that tyme Meet Uncle Hussain performing on stage and maybe the bikers dont like hearing those types of music so they just started burning their tyres.One and another...
Our photo with attan locklaq .

And this one with E one of ewan biker.one of the custom bike builder in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia..


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