Live to ride,Ride to die

Once a bikers,forever a bikers even when die....this cemetery is for really hardcoree abou you?? dare to build this type of cemetery for yurself??



KIDbrush® said...

elok lagi dari pakai nesan botol cap apek har har

muna said...

hello Friends,
It was a great pleasure to share with you all my views, I am from Seremban and I was a member with N9 club ( bikers club) and now i have moved to KL. I feel so disappointed with Modenas, especially Parts for Jaguh bike. I was so proud the first time when Jaguh came out and I bought it in seremban and I too had so many accessories and I was so happy. The came a time the government brought new law for Road Tax were less for other bikes but for Jagug bikes been a local made bike has no allowance at all compared to other bikes. I feel so down and frus , what is so good to have a local made bike and what do we get,??? Secondly, the spare parts are so expensive compare to other bikes. Can some one tell, is this fair and what is so good or proud to have our local made bike.
The other problem I encounter is the battery, this is not cheap but yearly I use to change, whwn I called Modenas Malacca Branch to ask do they have a kick start, the answer is NO, not anything in plan. So please tell me how do you feel about this if you have one Jaguh bike, I think Modenas must and should do something about this and not just idle or let this model die off just like that. Even the market value si down to earth. So frustrated and regret.

thrasher115 said...

dear muna,i'm a jaguh owner too ..I second yur opinion.. snowadays it really hard too find the jaguh spare a local manufacturer the bike price and spare part supposed to be cheap..and plus modenas should produce higher cc of bike maybe 250 cc,400 cc or maybe 500 cc..jaguh nowadays like a dying breed and maybe one day jaguh can be call as limited edition,nowadays most of hardcore jaguh ownwr has chopped their bike and maybe soon there are nomore original body of jaguh..i hope modenas can do something for this dying breed..huhu