Jaguh Bikers Club Kuching

the early years logo (official logo)
A local Kuching Bikers Club (Jaguh Bikers Club ;JBC) Jaguh is a modenas easyrider motorcycle,launched sometime in 1999.And not long after that,the club established and 11 years has passed and old generation bikers from this club changed by new ones.Although on the earlier time of the club establishment,all bikers in the club riding only Jaguh Motorcycles.But,after few years some bikers change and upgrade their bike into higher cc and other type of bike,but still they still attach with the club.

Personally i'm not the member of this JBC but i know some of them from the early generation that open this club to the recent members of 2010.I will upload and share the photo's later..Adios for now.


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me2u said...

Jaguh is the only easy rider bike that carries a Malaysian trademark, why is it not so popular? I would want to revive it if possible.